Intelligent Express Sorting Solution

Application Advantages

Compared with the traditional manual sorting mode, Hikvision’s smart sorting robot system has the following obvious advantages:

· Improved accuracy of delivery;

· Significantly reduced labor costs;

· Enhanced operation efficiency of the express industry.




To cater to the quick and efficient parcel sorting need of the express customers, Hikrobot developed its own smart sorting robot system. The smart sorting robot system can meet a sorting need of 20,000 orders per hour using 300 sorting robots at a transfer station of 2,000 square meters (including 300 unloading docks)! Quick sorting after weighing/code reading of small parcels can be achieved by integrating sorting robots with the quick code reading technology of the industrial camera and the smart sorting system:


Figure 1: System Work Flow


Parcels are delivered to the corresponding unloading dock through the optimal route after the bar codes on the parcels are identified intelligently. Packed manually at each unloading dock, the parcels are prepared for sorting at next transfer station to make sorting more efficient and convenient.


The smart sorting robot system consists of sorting information system, sorting planning system, equipment control system and operation monitoring system, in which the equipment control system is composed of scheduling control services and barcode reading services.


Figure 2: Structure of Smart Sorting System



This system can realize the reading of express waybill information, the decoding of delivery locations, the accurate delivery of express packages and the recording and tracking of express package route information. A single scheduling control service can achieve the scheduling control for hundreds of equipment, the establishment of map models, optimized multi-route planning, reasonable allocation of tasks and dynamic traffic management.



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