Intelligent Robot Scheduling Solution

System Features

·Full-function integration: RCS supports the integration with material information system, and provides WEBSERVICE external interface and customized TCP/IP control protocol;

·Visualization management: The RCS monitor allows integration with video surveillance to remotely monitor the operation status of robots;

·Efficient algorithm: Multi-route planning is supported, which can provide various handling mechanisms such as the shortest route, avoidance control, rerouting and control. Dynamic traffic management can be achieved for various traveling roads in the world, especially the main roads and crossroads, to avoid traffic jam;

·Easy operation: Friendly interface, easy to learn and operate;

·Rapid returns: One-time investment for long-term benefit; cost recovery within 2 to 3 years.




The in-house logistics robot system consists of AGV (“Qianmo” robot) and RCS (robot control system). It can achieve the unmanned handling of raw materials / semi-finished products to the head of the production line, the semi-finished/finished product from the end of production line to the warehouse as well as material sorting and outbound delivery, improving production efficiency while reducing production cost.


Featuring high scalability and reliability, the “Qianmo” system is integrated with many advanced technologies including in-place rotation, optimized multi-route planning, and self-charging in case of low battery. For different usage conditions, the system can function easily with QR code on the ground and simple system configuration, so it is flexible and reliable.


Figure 1: Work Flow of In-house Logistics Robot Systems


Designed to efficiently distribute materials between warehouses and production lines in

· manufacturing industry

· logistics industry



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