Intelligent Warehousing Solution

System Features

·Full-function integration: Supports integration with the upper business system ERP and peripheral devices;

·Rich functions: Supports various warehousing needs, including purchase inbound delivery, production inbound delivery, materials requisition and finished products outbound delivery; Supports various inventory needs to enable the “goods-to-person” visualization inventory; Dynamically adjusts shelf positions by analyzing the storage position of warehouse of formic acid products; Supports flexible inbound/outbound delivery policies to adapt to various demands;

·Optimal management: KPI assessment of performance for better personnel management;

·Safety & stability: Adopts virtual operating system and IP to achieve remote disaster recovery of key data and dual-computer hot standby for critical process;

·Independently developed: Supports customization.




The smart warehouse robot system consists of AGV (“Qianmo” robot), RCS (robot control system), and iWMS (intelligent warehouse management system). With “goods-to-person” mode as the core, the warehouse is divided into “unmanned area” and “working area”. The staff can operate the terminal at the workbench to achieve the accurate inbound/outbound delivery of materials. This solution will realize the whole process monitoring of documents and data in warehousing operation and offer statistical analysis on the work and efficiency of warehousing operation.



Figure 1: Work Flow of Smart Warehouse System


·Warehouse management for raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products: Covers all functions required such as inbound delivery, outbound delivery, stock transfer, allocation, and inventory

·Workshop feeding services: Connected with the hoist, allowing AGV to deliver raw materials across different floors and plants

·WIP management: WIP transshipment and temporary storage management

·Finished product inbound delivery: Connected with the hoist, allowing AGV to achieve cross-floor and cross-plant inbound delivery

·Finished product delivery: Integrating the sorting line, hoist, industrial cameras and other equipment to achieve the diversion of the goods and automatic collection of goods volume and weight


Figure 2: Work Flow of Smart Warehouse System



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